SAPNA is an initiative born out of the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) at the University of Technology, Jamaica. The aim of the initiative is to enhance the knowledge and technical skills of its student members through participation in enterprise software application development and deployment. SAPNA was inspired by a dream or desire for SCIT to produce an excellent caliber of graduates who would be dominant on the world stage in their abilities to perform at a very high level on any software development project in anywhere in the world. The name SAPNA is therefore fitting since in Hindi it means “Dream”. The SAPNA initiative (2007) was spearheaded by Arnett Campbell (then Head of School of SCIT) and supported by Charmaine DeLisser (then Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Computing). In addition, Nathaniel Nation and Matthew Bryan played a key seminal role in fashioning and promoting the establishment of SAPNA in its initial form.

Our Vision

The intent is that through participation in this initiative, students will:

  1. Deepen their software design, problem solving and technical skills
  2. Become more innovative in thinking and pursue new ideas
  3. Build out and document innovations
  4. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and participate in entrepreneurial ventures

Our Mission

Through the establishment of a creative yet managed environment, we will:

  1. Provide professional and technical mentorship for participants
  2. Provide training and other opportunities for members to sharpen their technological capabilities
  3. Engender the spirit of enquiry and knowledge creation
  4. Promote independent learning and continuous education
  5. Foster professionalism in students through heightened effort and mindsets of steel that embrace challenges and generates timely deliverables
  6. Build team spirit, collaboration and sharing of know-how for the academic and technical improvement of all participants
  7. Encourage members to certify their skills with reputable organizations

Our Leaders


Arnett Campbell

Business Director of SAPNA


Charmaine DeLisser

Academic Director of SAPNA


Shaun Ramsay

Technical Director of SAPNA