Patient Management Information System (KPH)
 Patient Management Information System (KPH)

Project Description

For the Intensive Care Unit of the Kingston Public Hospital
This Web based application automates the processing of patient’s data for the Kingston Public Hospital Intensive Care Unit. This system is designed to maximize both doctor and nurse productivity by providing tools to assist in automating the storing of patients data and reviewing of patients’ information for future usage, which would otherwise have to be performed manually. By maximizing the doctor and nurse work efficiency and production the system meets client expectations while remaining easy to understand and use.
More specifically, this system is designed to allow the administrator to manage and track all updated information of the user. Pre-formatted forms have be used in every stage of the application to provide a uniform review process. Additionally, the system facilitates reporting which facilitates more informed decision-making

Project Timeline

June 2016 - June 2014

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Kingston Public Hospital

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